Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fish even when you can't

I took a trip to LA last weekend to visit some friends and for work during the week.  I didn't bother to bring my fishing stuff because the friends I was visiting don't fish and I didn't have a car or any idea of where to go to fish.  Plus I was staying on the coast and I imagine that driving through the city to get out of town and to a river would take about a day and a half.  LA is huge!

So instead of actually fishing, one of my friends stole my Iphone and downloaded a fishing game for it.  I have to admit it is somewhat fun.  Of course it's not the same as being out on the river listening to the flowing water, feeling the cool water through your waders, and actually sensing the wiggle of the rod in your hand from a nice fish fighting you.  Then again, I've never been anywhere I could expect to catch huge fish on almost every cast.  I set many new personal records for fish and for wasting time with this game.
think the biggest bass I've ever landed was 4ish pounds (at best), and that was probably 15 years ago.  But this isn't just a bass fishing game.  There are carp, cats, bluegill, pike, muskies, walleye, and more.  And what's even better and just as realistic as catching on every cast, is that you can catch any of them on anything in the game's tackle box.  Take it from me.  I don't know how to fish for pike or muskie, but I can still fake catch them on this game!  All my new fish records that I will probably never beat except on this game, which I have already become bored with are as follows:

Not bad! Now if I could just repeat all of these in real life sometime in the next 50 years I can die a happy man.

Fish on.

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