Tuesday, January 28, 2014


This marks the second, or maybe third year in a row; I can't really remember anymore. F3T has screwed me again. I love you F3T! You are highlight of my entire year! I sit in the dark of my room the other 364 days a year waiting for you to come back. Why do you keep avoiding me like this??

Well, maybe I'm not that extreme, but I do love the show. It's a great mid-winter reminder of how refreshing summer fishing can be, and for some of us it's a nice reminder of how refreshing fishing in general is.

But with that said, I will sadly be out of town yet again for the Portland showing of the Film tour. I don't think I'm quite devoted enough to drive down to Corvallis for the show the following weekend....but I might be.

Everyone else out there should watch the schedule and plan on attending.  It's a lot of fun, everyone attending is generally happy and excited, and free gear is given away. You can't beat free gear.