Thursday, October 7, 2010

Winter Commeth

It seems winter is on it's way.  And I am not happy about it.  I've been trying to get out here in town once a week during the week to do some fishing with some success.  Two weeks ago I made it out and only had a little over an hour to fish and didn't have much luck in my limited time.  I chalked it up at the time to biking around to try and find a new spot to fish here in town.

I got out again this week and even left earlier than usual, just after 5 to get more daylight.  It didn't work.  I arrived out on the river and got my waders and boots on with the sun very low on the horizon and the light beginning to leave the river.  How many I caught (not many) or how much fun it was doesn't matter.  I left the river a little heavy hearted with the coming winter on my mind.

On the plus side I made my 30th day out on the river a water this year!


  1. Where did you get the photo on this entry? It is an awesome shot.

  2. I made it myself. Just kidding. I searched google images for sunset and fishing.