Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Please deregulate!

It's not all that often that I agree with the political right in this country, but in one instance I am requesting some deregulation.  Please, please, please cut down on the fishing regulations in Oregon!  I downloaded the regulations booklet a few weeks ago to check out what all the rules are, mainly regarding sea runs and steelhead seasons.  I have high-speed cable internet, like pretty much everyone these days, and it took more than a couple seconds to download the regulation pdf.

In all, the booklet is a 112 page encyclopedia.  Sure, some of that is cute pictures and announcements for various parks, fishing days, as well as a few ads.  But the bulk of it is actually dense rules and regulations. 

There are nine separate "zones" in Oregon and each has it's own rules.  Each river within each zone has all it's own rules and regulations too.  I understand the need for some special regulations regarding some sea run fisheries and the need for coastal and mountain fishing regulation differences, but can't we please make this just a little simpler??  The regulations as written are mainly the same for all the rivers but they are still broken down river by river because a few here and there don't follow the general rule.  It's just unnecessarily annoying if you ask me.

Here's what I propose.  All rivers more than XX miles (make XX whatever you want, 20, 50, etc.) from the coast are open to catch and release fishing year round.  Then you can add on whatever rules you want beyond that.  Am I not the most reasonable man in America?

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