Friday, October 29, 2010

Yampa Nighttime

After a decent day of fishing we headed back to the campsite just in time for the rain to start.  Fortunately for all of us, I was on this trip and had had the foresight and genius idea to bring along a tarp with which to build a shelter.  We parked our two cars on either side of a picnic table and rigged up the tarp as a roof to keep dry while cooking/eating.  It worked great.

As always Brady took it upon himself to fillet the one fish we kept.  The tailwater right below the damn was catch and release only and we didn't do so great in the afternoon hours when we tried fishing where we could keep.  So we only had one, albeit nice, brown to feast upon.  That and a bunch of potatoes.

It was oddly enough for all of us.

After many beers, some good food, and a brief period around a toasty campfire, we all headed off to bed.  The next eight hours or so for all of us was eight hours in a chinese water torture machine called a GoLite tent.  We had two similar tents that each did a great job of collecting the rainwater inside the tent.  The best feature was a nice crease right above where our heads were that did a great job of dripping water and keeping us awake.  It was a great experience!  Lesson learned...GoLite is awesome gear for backpacking because it is very light, but doesn't quite cut the mustard when fighting the elements.

Although we called him a weenie (and he was), Eric had it right by choosing to sleep in his car.

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