Thursday, November 1, 2012


Different types of fly angling require different approaches. Different strokes for different folks and all that jazz. And being new to salmon and steelhead angling, I'm still figuring it out. My main difficulty is that those types of fish aren't looking for any particular type of food, so what in the world am I to tempt them with??? The answer? Ridunkulous conconctions. In the few discussions I've had with other fly anglers regarding steelhead flies, what I've gathered is that everyone has their own favorite pattern and they all look like nothing. Not nothing exactly, rather a hook with some random materials tied on not actually mimicking anything.

What is my answer to this? Pretend to be a mystical person and latch on to some random features. One feature I have gathered regarding salmons is that they (supposedly) like pink/purple. Sure, sure, they can't see color but that's what the street tells me so I obey. Although I guarantee no success on the pattern, here's one tying episode:

Start with beautiful pink and purple marabou for a tail, and some orange ostrich herl for a body.

Tie in some flashabou to tempt the monster fishes hiding below.

Of course you need more beautiful pink and/or purple marabou.

Finish with some pizzazz of pink rabbit fur.

And this colorful monstrosity is guaranteed to catch either fish or a snag in the river. Either way you'll have at least a moment of excitement!

Patent Pending...