Sunday, October 3, 2010

Where are all the Salmon?

This is actually part 2 of a trilogy.  Part 1 was the spirit lake catastrophe.  Part 2 is the fishing I actually managed to do on my way back into town.  Salmon creek followed forest road 24 for ten miles or so and there were plenty of pull-offs to park in and fish.  There were actually quite a few people camping in the area so I avoided those pull-offs but still managed to stop in four different places.

This isn't going to be all that interesting as a post because not much interesting happened.  I caught a number of small cutts on the old faithful dry-dropper.  Para-adams up top and a pheasant tail down below to drag through the bottoms.

I hooked one nice fish that was probably 12 inches give or take, but he managed to wiggle off once I got him close.  He took the the dropper about fifteen feet up stream, and I worked him back to me.  When he got close I pulled him up from the bottom where he was trying to seek refuge.  And upon coming up to see me he somehow managed to spit the hook out and dart back down to the riverbed.

Shortly thereafter I picked up my stuff and went back to the car to go farther downstream.  But unfortunately I had just left the last pullout on the river, and I was driving along in my boots and waders with sunset still two hours away.  Thus concludes unimpressive part 2.  Tune in for a more interesting part 3... later.

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