Sunday, September 12, 2010


Fishing outing number two in Missouri consisted of going back to Casey's and getting another styrofoam of worms, and driving out to another local pond.  The pond was rimmed on one half by cattails and at the other end was a nice dock from which to fish.  It was a little smaller than yesterday's, but clear.  It looked to be a decent place for a couple bass.  There was space for them to hide among the cattails and there were also a few overhanging trees for shade.

We stepped out onto the dock and quickly noticed that there were some wasps buzzing around.  And before long we realized there were more coming from beneath our feet.  I thought it was a good idea to take a 5 gallon bucket that was lying around, fill it up with water, and pour it all over the deck where the wasps were.  When the wasps swarmed up from under the deck it no longer seemed like a great idea.  Laura, Kyle, Isaac and I all vacated the dock at a run.  Fortunately one of the guys who works on the farm drove by on an ATV and went to get some wasp killer.  He came back and sprayed the pests good and dead.  A few continued to come back from foraging throughout the day and were promptly stepped on.

That's about all I can really say about the day's fishing.  I got totally skunked.  I tried weedless worms in and around the cattails, under the trees, I tried some spinners, and a few other things.  I even resorted toward the end of the day to trying to catch some bluegills on worms.

Laura and Kyle caught a few decent sized bluegills that we kept for hors duevres before lunch.  Dad caught an occasional 6" bass.  I think Isaac was skunked and Grandpa I believe pulled in a few bluegill too.  We took our treasure back to the skinning area at the grandparents for some photos and more work than it was worth.

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