Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Super secret catfish hole

I took a trip back to Pilot Grove Missouri this labor day weekend to visit family, and of course I managed to sneak in some fishing.  After convincing my brother, both brothers in law, and my dad to get out Saturday afternoon and calling up an uncle to talk about where to fish, we decided on a local pond that is secluded out in the middle of a soybean field and that hopefully hadn't been fished in some time.  Just as every good fishing trip begins we grabbed a shovel and an old folgers coffee tin and went out to the garden.

And when we didn't find but a single worm in ten holes we gave up and went to the bait shop/gas station to get some fat and juicy night crawlers (not to mention some beers).  Armed with everything we needed to waste away the cool and breezy afternoon we hopped into Vern's pickup and my dad's wagon and drove into town.  We had a short walk down an old railroad track with a green canopy of treetops, then a couple hundred yards through a thick soybean field to get to the secret hole.
We each grabbed a pole, skewered a juicy squirmy worm with a hook and chucked them out into the water.  I don't think it took more than a couple minutes before I had the first bite, which reminded me how much fun it is to fish for catfish, and how easy.  Just sit on the bank beside your rod, beer in hand, and wait for the rod to bend.  Once it bends reel in the fish.  The action picked up immediately and everyone started pulling in fish every few minutes.
Sorry, Vern, I didn't get any pictures of you with a fish so you didn't make my blog.  In all I would guess we caught 50 or 60 fish if you count all the bluegills that Matt was pulling out of the preschool fishing area (He named it himself).

All in all it was a great fishing outing.  We tanked 15 or 20 beers, everyone caught some fish, and I think everyone got a slight sunburn from sitting in the afternoon sun on a nice cool and sunny late summer day.

Don't tell anyone about the secret hole!

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