Tuesday, May 20, 2014

NY Travels

Work took me to NY last week. If you remember I was in Denver last weekend, which was my stopover on the way out east. When I left Portland on Friday just over a week ago, we were coming off a week-long rainfest. Or maybe I should say a 7-month long rainfest that is called winter here. But Friday was supposed to be nice, and all through the weekend and into the week was sunshiny and warm. Just in time for me to leave town. Denver was nice until saturday afternoon. Then it was rainy, and a cold front swooped in changing rain to snow. Nonetheless I got in some fishing and had a good time despite the somewhat atypical Denver weather.

On Monday it was off to upstate New York. And what was it like when I arrived? Well, it was of course cloudy, dreary, overcast, gloomy; what other lovely adjectives could I come up with to describe it? At least this time I wasn't planning on doing too much out of doors. It was a sales related visit with a couple drives from one locale to another, not leaving me a ton of time to play. And who really cares if it's raining while you're driving? I did see a couple people standing in a river on one of my drives, and that made me feel a twinge of regret for not bringing any gear.

Then again a day later, this is what one of the rivers near where I was looked like. Not a great opportunity to catch some east coast fish. Maybe on my next visit.

Oh, and while I was away from Portland it was super sunny, nice and warm, and all around lovely. I returned on Thursday around midnight. When did the rains start back up? Saturday. At least I got to enjoy looking out the window at work on friday. Actually that's sort of a lie.  Most of Saturday was pretty nice too. But that's an inopportune fact for the theme of this post, so ignore it. Sunday was rain, rain, and more rain. With more rain in the forecast for today.


  1. Let me know the next time you're in Denver for an extended period Tim. I'd love to meet you and if time allows, wet a line.

    1. Howard, will do. I don't have any near term trips to Denver, but I usually make it out there somtime late summer for a trip. Hopefully it'll work out.