Monday, September 2, 2013

False Memories

The human brain is a fascinating bit of organic machinery. The amazing self-organized complexity is way beyond anything current science can replicate, but at the same time it falls way short in terms of error correction and in actually getting things right. For instance there have been recent studies with mice which have shown that by stimulating certain parts of the brain researchers can actually induce false memories, making the mice remember things that didn't happen. Yes, it sounds a bit like Clockwork Orange or some other Hollywood dystopian storyline, and in the wrong hands (NSA??) is super frightening, but still very cool.

Along these lines I have been working very hard to trick my brain into creating some false memories of carp fishing.  I took a picture a while ago and that's where it all started. Here's the picture, and my desire is to try and remember this as a fish I fished for and caught out in the wild. But I may have to break into the Chinese Gardens to assist in creating the false memory. It's either that or drill into my skull, poke in some electrodes and apply the right current while staring at the still image. I'm not sure which option would be safer. 

Maybe I should just hone my ninja skills.

BTW, it may not be clear from the picture, but that koi is tailing.

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  1. sadly they all died over the winter :-(. Gonna have to find a wild one