Friday, June 21, 2013

To Eat or Not to Eat

I have been cursed, or blessed depending on your perspective, with a ridiculously small stomach and a high metabolism. Result? Scrawny dude who eats often but like a bird. And being a retired endurance athlete but still very active, that leaves me needing to refuel mid-exercise in the moderately rare occasion when I'm out there exercising. Since I've picked up cycling, which involves being out there on the bike for 2-5 hours, my refueling requirements are even more dire.

Thus, I always carry some sort of energy food with me when I'm on the bike. Usually it's Clif Blocks cause they taste good and can be rationed to last. But there has been a PowerGel in my cupboard for a while and my supply of Clif Blocks is running thin, so I pulled out the gel today with the intention of finally consuming it this weekend. Here's what it looked like:

Looking at the packaging I realized it seemed a bit beat up, which was odd since it's been sitting in a cupboard. And that led me to wonder exactly how old this gel was. So I flipped it over in search of an expiration data and here's what I found:

I admit that I literally LOL'ed when I saw the date. And no, that's not 7th of Jan 2011. It is in fact Jan 11, 2007. This gel is truly 6 and a half years old. How did this happen? I guess it's because I don't really like PowerGels. And fortunately now I have an excuse not to eat this one.

Except I feel I have to open it and take a taste just out of curiosity. If this is the last post I ever write, please don't ever eat expired energy foods. In fact don't even taste them!

PS - Apologies for the non-fishing related post. They occur from time to time so you'll have to live with it.

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