Friday, June 28, 2013

Hope and Memories

I have high hopes for this weekend. And yes I said high hopes, not high hopes for high temperatures, which it looks like we will also be experiencing out here in Portlandia. My hopes are mainly concentrated on learning something about Columbia River Carps. And hopefully that "something" involves catching a few.

Since moving out here to OR I have dabbled around with fly fishing for carp, but I haven't spent any time trying for them in rivers; only in ponds/lakes. I'm fairly convinced it's a bit different but we'll see. Plus the need to locate good places to find and catch the wary creatures puts me at significant further disadvantage. Only time can fix that one.

From my bubbling cauldron of excitement and angst wafted up memories of the video below. I thought I had posted it, but I'm not so sure that I ever did. Either way it was a year ago so I'm sure you wouldn't remember anyway. Plus it's fun and funny. I don't apologize for my lack of skill, I revel in it. The water was too muddy this day to be able to see a take, so instead I was casting out past the fish, letting the fly sink, then stripping it back to where I thought the fish's mouth was, hesitating, and slowly stripping through the assumed strike zone. It's not often a good strategy out here but occasionally it works. Enjoy:

The one thing that might be looking in my favor this weekend is the river temp. Word has it that the carps like 60 degrees. Let's hope that's true and is enough to make up for my crap skills (not carp skills), complete lack of experience, poor fish handling skills, and any other excuse I can preemptively utter.

Oh, and I should try and remember to bring my net in the off chance...

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