Thursday, October 27, 2011

Yep, that's about right

Work has had me travelling the last two weeks, and with work travels I pretty much always fit in some fishing somewhere.  The way I see it, a work trip is basically a free plane ticket to go fishing.  This trip was no different.  With a need to go from the left coast to the east coast it made perfect sense to stop over and see friends go fishing in CO.

This post is not about that.  It is about what I saw on my way to Orlando, FL.  What do you think of immediately when I say FL?  If you say "old people," you are correct.  That is what you are thinking about.  And there is a reason.  At the airport where I transferred to the plane to FL, this is what the boarding area looked like:

Little red sticks poking up all over the boarding area.

See title.


  1. We saw the same thing in Fort Myers.

  2. The first time I flew into Florida was an eye-opening experience and I think I aged by 30 years.

  3. Cofisher: You aged by 30 years? I felt like I was a kid again. How old are you?? ;)