Monday, October 31, 2011

Please, take me back!

I'm sorry Rodney, I didn't mean it.  Please don't be mad.  It will never happen again!  Yes, I remember when I forgot you in that bar at the airport.  Yes, I also remember leaving you in the airport bathroom.  Yes, more than once.  Yes, yes, I also left you at the security check-in in San Jose.  Of course, how could I forget leaving you at baggage claim again in San Jose and getting all the way downtown to my hotel before remembering you.  Oh yeah, I also left you behind at that Mexican restaurant in the Salt Lake City airport.  And the time that I left you on the plane and barely made it back to get you before my connecting flight.

But it's not my fault?  I was born with a defective brain!  Like that guy in Memento, I just can't remember things for more than a few minutes.  I promise, Rodney, I do love you!

Remember all the great times we've had together!  All those fish we've caught.  I remember when I picked you out with the help of Jay, who was at Front Range at the time.  You were my first real fly rod!  I remember catching our first fish together by accident on the Ark.  I remember when I put that 14" tape mark on you to know how many fish I could keep while camping on the Ark.  And when I had to add an 18" mark to know whether or not I could keep a second fish while camping on the Bighorn.  I remember when I added that blue tape to your case so I could tell you apart from my buddy's identical setup.  No, let's not think about that time I accidentally snapped you in two; we've healed and are past all that now.

And look on the bright side.  I actually managed to not lose you on the last two legs of my travels.  Two in a row!  Sure, it may have been after forgetting you on 6 of the last 7 legs but I've turned over a new leaf!


  1. Ha! I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Sounds like ol' Rodney ought to be used to experience...must be graphite.

  2. Hey, I'm a match maker. Glad you two are still getting along. I offer couples counseling, as well!

  3. That reminds me, ever get a new tip for your Loop?

  4. Cofisher: correct, graphite. I wouldn't buy anything else!

    Jay: Does your couples counselling happen to be out on the water? If so I would be interested :)

    Clif: It's a work in process. The Loop service guys are flakes. They have the rod and supposedly it will eventually get replaced and back to me. Hopefully before March! (I hope your calendar is free for the end of march!)

  5. About march, keep me in the loop.


  6. Good one Clif. Good one.

    March 27-my BDay. Consider yourself in the loop. In fact I think you may now be the only one outside the coveted inner circle with the dates...except for everyone who reads my blog!