Thursday, April 28, 2011

Damn you weatherman!

I am on my way out East for work next week, so I figured I may as well stop by my old haunts in the Denver area for the weekend.  I booked some flights a few weeks back with a two-day layover in Denver and the time is here tomorrow.  Yes, I will be doing some fishing while I'm there.  But I'm a little unhappy about how things are looking now.  For two reasons.

Reason number one is the weather.  Denver in May should be 60-80 degrees and sunny.  No such luck for me.  It is supposed to be nice all week then nosedive into some pretty crappy weather for the two days I'm there before jumping right back into the nice weather.  Thanks a lot weather pattern.

To make matters worse, it seems the crappy weather is going to climb in the plane with me on Sunday evening and follow me out to Baltimore.  It's nice there now and will be through the weekend....until I get there.  Then, of course, more rain.  As if I didn't get enough rain in Oregon!

That is reason number one.  Reason number two is that I was hoping to hit up my home waters, SBC, just outside Boulder.  This time of year river flows can be a bit of a crapshoot but I was thinking that it's early enough the runoff shouldn't be in full swing yet and should be fishable.  What I didn't expect is the flows to drop to near-zero! 

Fortunately, as you can see, the near-zero flow was only for part of a day.  Not sure what happened there, but the enormous drop is still very odd to me.  Why?  I'm expecting the flow to shoot back up to near 200cfs, about the biggest flow at which this river is fishable. 

I still sort of want to do it to it, but there is some pressure to go check out the Blue river.  I've been to the Blue river 4 times and I can count the number of fish I've caught on one hand.  You do the math.  My vote will probably stick with SBC.

And you will all find out what I/we did next week sometime.  Wish me luck!

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