Sunday, January 9, 2011

Organization? Who needs it.

What does your fly tying desk look like?  I just realized through a picture that mine is a bit of a mess.  It looks like this:

It's a total mix of controlled chaos and organization where necessary.  Hooks and beads and things of that sort are neatly organized in a container (top left).  Some extra threads, wires, tinsels, etc. are stored on top.  I made a holder for my bobbins a while back by drilling some small hole in a piece of scrap wood (top right).  My dubbing was organized for me when I bought it, and my flybox sits in the middle so I know what I need more of.

Beyond that the contents of my desk are a bit of a semi-controlled chaos.  A whole bunch of stuff not pictured to the left is 4 or 5 hackle capes, some paper towels, and some other random feather products.  What is in view is an assortment of tools that migrate all over the surface of the desk and often go missing, glue that once in a while gets knocked over and spilled, hackle feathers that still have a few flies left in them, copper and silver wire sections, and a few other random tying items that weren't used up on the last fly I tied.

Does anyone care?  I feel the need to post something since it's been like a whole month.  Thats what happens when the rainy season hits and the rivers turn to mud....and you don't know much about high water fishing.


  1. Oh the humanity! look at that mess! You've got feathers everywhere! Seriously, this looks pretty tidy to me. Everything is right there and easy to see. Almost to the point I suspect you cleaned up for the picture.

    Looking at this I have an idea. Maybe my strategy should be to just have less stuff, I think I've got enough material to last a few years...if only I'd stop seeing new flies that use new material that I don't have.

  2. When all you tie is small trout flies you don't need much materials. I rue the day that I start tying streamers and hoppers because then I will need to buy two more desks, or get an entire new room so I can sprawl all my stuff out like you do.

  3. Uh oh. If that's a "mess" mine is a disaster area! :) Very nice blog! I found it via Lunker Hunt!

    He said something about a nickname for him? Not sure. Anyway, love the fly shots! Very nice!

  4. I think most fly desks are probably "disaster area's." I'm a bit of an organization freak so having some random materials floating around my desk bothers me a little. I accept that my desk is actually fairly clean.