Monday, January 17, 2011

Everyone else is doing it....

Well, I've read a number of other people's blogs about their new year's goals (thank god not resolutions) and have decided to jump on the bandwagon.  I have only thought about these for a day or two so this post may very well get updated in time.  But so far I have come up with plenty to keep me busy for most of the new year.


1) Break the big double digit mark on followers!  Yes, double digits, big money.

2) Catch newest biggest fish of my life.

3) Catch my first salmon during a salmon run (will probably set goal 2 also here if successful).

4) Catch my first sea-run cutthroat.

5) Target and catch a steelhead.  I've accidentally caught a couple but I would like to do it without being a blind squirrel.

6) Tie a big ugly streamer (I've never tied one!).

7) Do a long weekend, long hike in to some mountain lakes somewhere and live (or die) off the land.

8) Compile a list of at least 20 places in the area that I want to fish.

9) Check off half of the places from the result of goal #8.

10) Start planning a trip to AK next summer.

Some of those goals will be easier than others.  I figure #1 will happen as long as Clif at Lunker Hunt keeps giving me the occasional advert on his more popular blog.  The salmon run goal is probably least likely since I know nothing about salmon fishing, but I do have an invite from a friend of a friend that I plan to take.  I hope the steelhead goal is first to go.  We are now apparently in the middle of the winter steelheading season here in the OR.

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  1. interesting blog... so I will press follow and help one of your goals along the way-