Thursday, June 26, 2014

Travel Day 2

Day two in the Motherland involved some work unfortunately. But after work hours there was time for good food, ok beer, good soccer and fun times. Let's start with the good food. I had the classic German dish that I mentioned in my last post. Giant hunk of pork on a plate with some weird dumpling looking thing that looked/tasted/felt like it was yesterday's pasta smashed together and formed into a ball. The giant hunk of pork was pretty good, and also pretty funny looking. Zee Germans definitely appreciate things in quantity.

In addition to food there were a couple soccer matches to watch, of course accompanied by beers. One we watched in the viewing area set up at the hotel along with some beers before heading out for food. The second game we watched in the university area of town in a large outside drinking area; the type that are scattered all over town. This second game was a little more entertaining simply due to the surroundings, unsurprisingly.

And that was pretty much the extent of day 2. Not nearly as much interesting things to report, mainly because it was filled with too much work and not enough play, so I am feeling a bit crazy.

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