Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Snow Day!

Blue moons are much more common in the Portland area than snow days. Yet today, we have one. Sort of. 

On my drive in to work this morning I was struck by the ridiculosity of what I was hearing on the radio. A couple of schools closed, a few more with delayed start hours, and all of Portland's school buses were on "snow routes." I know what you're thinking: it must be pretty bad here but not horrible since most schools will still be open. 

Well, you'd be wrong. It's blizzard-like out there! Just check out how bad my drive in was:

I was lucky I made it in. And yes that was just about the worst of it.

In all seriousness, I feel sorry for kids in Portland. I remember how glorious real snow days were. Waking up with a foot or more of snow on the ground with more coming down. Sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast and eagerly awaiting the list of school closures on the radio or TV. Then rejoicing when we heard our school called or saw it scroll by on the bottom of the TV screen.

At which point we immediately donned all our winter gear and ran outside to play. Snowmen were built, driveways were voluntarily shoveled into a single pile so that a sweet fort could be constructed, sled races ensued in the back yard dangerously down the hill and through the woods. Eventually we'd get called in for lunch, which none of us really wanted and it required the enticement of marshmallows doused in hot chocolate for mom to get us to even think of listening.

Then of course we'd hurriedly scarf down our mallows and lunches and immediately put all our coats and gear back on to go back outside and finish off the day. We'd stay out again until near dark when it started getting too cold, we were wet from melting snow and sweat, and honestly were getting way too tired for the excitement to punch through any longer. Later that evening we'd all lay down in bed, but not forgetting to say our prayers, prayers for more snow and another snow day tomorrow!

I hope you're enjoying your winter!


  1. Snow days were the best! It is hilarious how a such a tiny storm can shut down cities that aren't used to it. You'd think they'd have at least a single snow-plow somewhere in a garage just in case...

  2. Going to school would just ruin a perfect day. We've got a lot of closures up here, but we have a bit more snow too.

  3. And your Mother remembers a day when it was too slick for the busses, so you had a snow day and then you drove 15 miles to Detweiller park to sled !

  4. Detweiller sledding was the best! Remember when Casey broke her arm there? Funny thing is, I get to look forward to snow days each time it snows. And, they're still the best.

    One change with Technology that I still can't wrap my head around (since it has taken a lot of the fun out of it), are the text messages I get from Maggie's school about whether or not school is in session. Kind of a buzz kill.