Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What's the worst part of getting up early?

I totally forgot to vent about this...

What's the worst part of getting up early??

Going out to your car at 0-dark-hundred to get on the road for a just-after-sunrise start to salmon/steelhead angling and finding your battery dead. Ugh.

Go back inside, get out the charger because it's too early for anyone else around to be up and because for some reason your car won't take a jump and has to actually be charged (I blame zee Germans), hook up the charger to the battery, then go waste 45 minutes to get enough charge to start the car.  Then finally get on the road and miss that key 45 minutes of just after sunrise angling.

And since I didn't catch anything I assume that's the only 45 minutes of the day you can!

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  1. One wonders if your battery is dead when you start, will it be dead after fishing too? Glad you made it home.