Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Is Christmas here yet?

I'm in need of some new gear, but being so close to xmas I also feel the need to leave it be so that someone who loves me enough can replace my ridiculously worn waders.

And apologies for my recent delinquency in not posting for seemingly forever. I have no idea how everyone out there has been managing without me!


  1. I'm restricted from buying anything starting November 1 (Day after tomorrow in fact) until Christmas because inevitably what I buy will be what my wife got me for Christmas. OK, hope somebody loves you and gets you your waders. I throw in that I hope you get a bunch of other good stuff too.

    1. Mark: sounds like you better go buy as much as possible ASAP!

  2. If I had to wait until Christmas...it would be Christmas 2020.

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