Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Why am I here?

I randomly find myself in lovely Detroit this week. I don't have family here and only one friend (that I know of). I'm not here for the holidays. And in full disclosure, I'm not really in Detroit. It just sounds better and fits the melancholy mood I was going for. I'm actually in Ann Arbor.

So again, why?

That's easy, work has taken me on the road right before I go on the road for the holidays! I will be spending way too much time on aeroplanes and in airports this week.

And I'm already annoyed with screaming babies. Families with small children should all be forced to take the same flight, although I would then feel a little sorry for the flight attendants. Better them than me though!


  1. I'm not in Michigan nor am I in San Antonio. although I could stand a little San Antonio if the weather is warm. Oh well, Merry Christmas anyway.

  2. There is a bar/restaurant about 30 minutes north of Ann Arbor in Livonia. It's called "Lakepointe Yacht Club" and I highly recommend it. It's like Hooters, but with lingerie.

  3. Howard: you're probably having a white Xmas in CO then. I'll be here too for the next 30 min!

    Clif: I love to talk about boats with my fellow yachters!

  4. This time of year, the fellow yachters are dressed in red and dipped in glitter.