Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Trading spaces

Round one of the holidays is pretty much here, and I am fortunate enough to be going anywhere else.  Sure, tomorrow is a busy travel day, but all that means is you wait an extra 5 minutes to get groped and fondled by TSA and all the seats on your plane are taken.

In exchange, this year, I am getting a big upgrade in weather.

Portland forecast                                                                                     Colorado forecast


Yep, I'll take that trade.

And can't wait to get in some fishing, maybe on the old home turf of SBC.  But I'm already being pressured to get more adventurous.  We'll see.

Wow, gotta get up in 8 hours to catch a plane.  I'd better go pack!!


  1. Hey when you get back The Steel should be in the Tucca. Call me an we will get back over there.

  2. Happy (and safe) travels...and yeah, we've been having great weather as of late...and the fishing on SBC has been good too! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Mark-game on. I'll be back and ready to get out next weekend. I'll be in touch.

    Erin-I'll let my friend know what you say about SBC. He got skunked a few days ago. :)