Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Holidays...sorta

As you may be aware I spent the previous holiday weekend in sunny Colorado.  This is my post describing the hijinks that ensued!  Of course, you already knew that.

There was some fishing done, of course, but that comes later.  First there is turkey-day itself!  About five years ago my roomates at the time and I decided to venture away from the conventional Thanksgiving turkey for the more adventurous turducken.  And being adventurous guys we weren't about to go buy a prepared turducken.  Where's the fun in that?  Ever since Wednesday evening has been a Thanksgiving pre-party for turducken preparation and is often the more fun day.

This year it was not the more fun day.  At least not for me.  We were hanging out, smoking stuff in Brady's new smoker, we did some oyster shooters, and prepped the turducken.  Then I started feeling a bit off.  And quickly I started feeling really sick.  Within minutes I was headed for the bathroom to donate my supper to the toilet and continued to do so every hour on the hour for the next six or seven hours.  Obviously not fun.  I guess I'm wildly allergic to oysters, which is fine because they aren't that good anyway.

On Thanksgiving day itself there was cooking going on, football being watched, and people with hangovers trying to sleep them off.  As usual the after-dinner festivities were sluggish and ended relatively early as the tryptophan oozed through everyone's bodies.

Friday is when things picked up.  I had planned a fishing outing with Brady and John for Saturday, but with all of Friday open it would have been sacrilegious not to head out.  With my gear all packed up and ready to go I asked Brady what he was going to do with his day.  His fam was planning on being out and about most of the afternoon so he said he was just going to sit around the house.  I said "unacceptable, let's go fishing." He told asked the wife and we were off.  My intended destination was the South Boulder Creek, where Brady had been skunked the weekend before.  He was unable to shake my determination.

We didn't get on the water until noonish, but I wasn't concerned.  There are always fish there and they're always biting.  It was a typical day on the SBC.  The fish were in the normal spots as I expected, mostly in the winter holes but not exclusively.  I managed to catch a couple nice browns in addition to about five other smallish browns.  A reasonable half day on the SBC in winter.  But I have to admit, I miss this water during summer when I can expect catch rates in the teens per hour along certain super-secret stretches.

Part II covering Saturday's fishing drama to come later this week.


  1. That's a lovely looking brown...and oysters...yeah...what's to miss...

  2. Nice Brown there Tim!! I haven't heard much news on the Tucca yet but maybe we could hit one of the ponds this weekend.

  3. Tim, take me to SBC and show me where the fish are. I guarantee there will be no oysters.

  4. Erin: agreed on both accounts

    Mark: I'm up for some catching. I'll PM you.

    Cofisher: I could tell you but I'd have to kill you. But generally speaking I try to hit spots that are far enough away from car access to deter most. I'm not talking a 10 mile hike, but I am talking a half mile to a mile along the river before fishing.