Friday, September 2, 2011

Who needs planning?

So I'm going on a solo backpacking/fishing trip over the long holiday weekend.  This trip will give me the much needed incentive to update my goals list, which I haven't updated for quite some time.

My destination?  The Wallowa mountains.  This is on a strong suggestion from my coworker here in Portland.  He tells me it's a beautiful area with good fishing.  I'm all packed and will be leaving in about 4 hours, but I still don't have a destination nailed down!  The Lostine River was suggested to me and I was planning on that until I read online last night that it's heavily trafficked and best avoided on weekends.  I can't imagine what that means for Labor Day weekend.

I'm now trying to find a reasonable way to get to the Minam river inside the Eagle Cap Wilderness.  So far my best route is going to be a 12 mile hike.  That's a little farther than I was hoping for, but it will at least mean the river/trails shouldn't be busy.

I'm going to continue thinking about this and I will have to talk to my coworker when he gets in (yes I'm at work), but I'll update you all on my way out the door where I'm headed.

If I don't post something by Wednesday evening next week you'll need to get Search and Rescue out to look for me!

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