Friday, September 2, 2011

Minam River It Is

I have made my decision.  I want to hike in a long ways to get past all the weaklings, but I can't go so far that it takes a full day to get there.  With that in mind I'm going to stick with the original plan with a small tweak.  My coworker suggested to hike in along the Lostine river up to Minam Lake and to fish the river along the way.

I will be hiking in probably about 8 or 9 miles up past Minam Lake and down the other side of the basin to fish the Minam River.  Word has it holds some serious fish.  I'm hoping to add a new species to my list: bull trout.  But don't tell the authorities because they're protected and you're not really supposed to target them.  I won't target them but I might get lucky anyway.

Of course there will be a post-trip posting coming to you all next weekend probably.

Hopefully everyone else out there has some similar fun plans for the holiday weekend. Enjoy!

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