Monday, June 27, 2011

Success, finally

I've been struggling the last week or two.  I have taken quite a few evening trips out to a couple of local ponds with not much success.  A couple friends and I hit up a local spot that holds bass among other creatures of the deep.  We all came up dry, although two of the other three guys did get some bites.  Since then I've also been out carping a couple of times for a few hours each.  I also went out for bass again on my own, friday after work.  I got a couple of bites but no success.

So naturally, I was feeling the need for some gratification this weekend.  I went out Sunday evening and this time I went all geared up.  All my bass gear and spinner rod were in tow as well as my fly rod and box of carp flies and other random nymphs.  About two hours of unsuccessful bass fishing finally lead me to pull out my fly rod and put on a small nymph.  I went over to a place where, last time I was out here there were a number of carp cruising around.  This time I wasn't so lucky, but I figured I'd cast out there anyway because there appeared to be some activity from smaller fish.

Finally some fun.  It was typical of spawning bluegull, because I'd would get bites almost instantly on every cast.  I pulled in at least two dozen, mostly really little guys in about 30 minutes before sufficiently disturbing the area to slow things down.  But during the wild mess I managed to land a couple different species, the first of which I think is the coolest.  Enjoy.

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