Thursday, June 9, 2011

Check off another

Its not an interesting or fun goal, but I'm going to check off goal #8 for the year.  No, not the 8th goal I've checked off.  I'm not nearly that far along.  But goal #8 is to compile a list of "must fish" places near by.  Here is my list:

Twin Lakes – Marion county, near Mill City.  Supposedly good brookie lakes.  4mi hike from Elk Lake, trail 544.  Best fishing late in the year. Access only after June due to snow.
Welcome Lakes – Marion county near Mill city.  Supposedly good brookie lakes.  3.5mi hike from Elk lake, trail 559 to 554 along welcome creek.  Access only after June due to snow.
Trail Bridge Res – 90acre res on Mckenzie, rainbows and some cuts and brookies.  14mi NE of Mckenzie bridge
Vivian Lake – near salt creek falls, float tube handy
Lopez Lake – nearby Vivian Lake and stocked with cutts.
Tumble Lake – 3mi north of Detroit lake, forest roads galore!
Timpanogas Lake – middle Willamette headwaters.  Other area lakes nearby too.
Marie and Rockpile Lakes – near Detriot Lake, supposedly hold big fishes.

Mckenzie mid river
Foster/Green peter lakes – check out the tributaries
Mollala river – late winter steelhead run! Near Portland
Layng creek – near row river
Fall Creek – Near Dexter, heavily stocked
Blue River – Should check this out but probably won’t catch much.

Specific plans:  In order to check off another goal I do intend to hit up Twin and Welcome lakes over a long weekend out.  I think I need to either do this very soon, or wait until early fall to avoid the bug and mosquito frenzy.

By the end of the year I'm sure I'll cross off most of the rivers and a decent number of lakes.  Each one will come back to you guys with a report and review.  And since it's me going, I'm sure there will be tons of fish caught!

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