Monday, February 28, 2011


So I have a good excuse for not fishing last weekend, I promise.  The weather looked good here, the rivers were at a pretty good level: not too low and not too high.  It was probably the perfect steelheading conditions, not that I really know exactly what that would be.  But I still didn't make it out to fish.  :(

But I swear that I have a good excuse.  Being a holiday weekend I took the chance to meet some college friends for a wicked ski trip.  Yes, I said wicked!  A huge winter storm rolled in right before we got there for the weekend and dumped about a million inches of snow in the region.  Then we rolled in, at least everyone but Steve who had some flight trouble, and dumped our asses all over the slopes.

It was probably the best three consecutive days of skiing I have ever had, although my legs are still recovering now a week later.

And as a great bonus, we had one wonderful night in Reno and I came out a few doll hairs in the black at the blackjack table.

Sorry for the non-fishing post, but fishing isn't everything.  Just mostly everything!

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