Monday, April 28, 2014

An Upgrade Happens

For those of you with better memories than mine, this post title might awaken a few neurons harkening you back to a post I put up a few weeks ago about updating or not updating my old, dirty, cheap fishing vest. But don't worry, I didn't upgrade the vest and I will continue to rock it for as long as it remains useable.

What I did upgrade recently is the tying bench. I was running out of bins in my storage case for hooks, beads, and other small items. It held the basic necessities but it's been a very long time since I had only the bare necessities. And so there were things sort of lying everywhere, falling into cracks, dropping into other materials and just creating a mess. More than annoying enough to give me the necessary incentive to get something else and something better.

Armed with a bunch of Amazon birthday monies thanks to my two wealthy sisters I acquired a new and much larger case. Moving and labeling everything was a bit of a daunting task, so I put it off for a couple weeks, but eventually I got around to it. And now all the hooks I had stuck in little plastic baggies or still in their original packaging lying around everywhere are nicely tucked away into a labeled drawer and organized according to dry/emerger/nymph/streamer and size. It gives the Type A in me butterflies in my stomach.

But in all seriousness it is quite a treat. I now even have plenty of extra bins to expand to broader hook sizes, more beads and eyes, and other things that I don't even know about.

Now I just need to do some more tying.


  1. Since you've got experience and wealthy sisters, can you come over and upgrade my tying area?

  2. Howard, I don't even need to come over to do this:

  3. No more of that "it's around here somewhere". My bench is organized, but I still have trouble fishing some things. Must be because I'm old.