Friday, March 21, 2014

Salty Preperation

First off, apologies for the long absence here. Not much fishing has been going on due to travels, skiing, rain and blown out rivers, and other weekend festivities. That of course is about to change or I wouldn't be writing this. You see, I don't write this blog because I always have something to say and because I have a neurotic need to grab other people's attention. I write this to reflect on and look forward to my fishing outings. It's the same reason I read your blogs, vicariously of course!

And today I find myself with about 5 hours in the Houston airport waiting for my connection. I apparently did a poor job of booking flights, but if memory serves me right my only other option was for an earlier flight in first class. And I don't make enough to afford first class travel, at least not yet. Someday maybe. So here I sit waiting for a flight that is a long way off.

I'm off to a saltwater destination, which is something I've never done before.  I tied up a few flies in weeks prior and stopped by my local fly shop this week for advice and tying inspiration. I've got a good collection of flies that I will use this one time; I don't expect to lose a ton or to come anywhere near running out, nor do I expect to use these regularly in the future. But I have time to kill and I brought along my vise and a handful of materials. What else can I do? I already donated some time to work on a day off and I can only read for so long before boredom and ADD force me to move on.

Stay tuned this week for updates in real time. The trip is not 100% fishing, but I plan to get out every day for at least a little while. Some of it will be DIY, one day will be expensive and probably much more fruitful. I very much look forward to it.


  1. Where are you going? Or is that a secret?

    1. It's super secret. But I can give you a hint. It starts with BE and ends with LIZE.