Monday, February 4, 2013

2012 Overview

This might be a bit late in coming but I was grappling with the decision to write this post or not. Yes, I know no one cares about my fishing statistics but me, but you're going to hear about them anyway. At least I'll keep it short though.

This past year was a pretty decent fishing year for me. Despite my lack of much Fall and early Winter fishing expeditions due to a home purchase, I made it out onto the water a respective 42 days.  More important, though, is that my efforts were met with a little more success relative to last year. That of course comes with a caveat that last year I spent a number of days bass fishing (which I don't know much about), which brought down my catch levels significantly. Last year the total haul was 359 fish (in 53 days); this year I managed 427 fish in 42 days on the water. More fish in fewer days: not bad!

Part of my improvements were honestly because of easier quarry, and easier locations, but I also like to think my skills are continuing to improve. Czech or tight line nymphing is something I never really did much before this year, and in a couple of instances this year it seemed to provide serious improvement in results. Plus there's something about it that I love: it really makes fishing seem more instinctual.

Looking forward to 2013 I have set myself a couple of vague goals that I will not write down other than a quick mention here. I don't like to have actual fishing goals because it makes this entire hobby feel too serious and I don't want it to become a job. Instead I just put it in the back of my head that I would like to do a TON more carp fishing this year once the season begins, and I'd like to take a serious effort at chasing some salmon and steelhead, which so far I haven't chased very hard. Yes I know it's a travesty that I live in the PacNW and haven't chased salmon and steelhead. That's why I want to remedy it.


  1. Love it, man. I think the extra days on the BH no doubt helped the number haul. Good year man, like the carpin' idea. I'm in on that. I'd like for you to get some more skills with the running fish so you're know what we need to do when I come out next jan-feb.

  2. Sounds like a good year by any man's standards. Here's to the next.

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