Saturday, September 1, 2012

Aquaseal product review

This isn't really a product review, but a random observation. And a ghost post while I'm out in the bush fishing.

It all started last weekend when I decided to finally patch up my three-year old waders. The left boot has leaked for nearly a year now, despite a number of attempts to seal it up. The right leg leaks just above the knee, and both legs leak fairly heavily up in the top part of the leg. Fortunately for me I prefer to fish smaller waters and rarely go in up to the knees, so I usually just go home with a wet left foot.

I located some leaks, cut some patches, applied Aquaseal, and set it aside to dry. But somewhere along the lines I got some of the goo on my knee, not to mention all over my hands. I didn't notice it on my knee until later when it had mostly dried, but I got most of it off my hands right away. No big deal though. I figured it would wash off. I figured wrong.

Here is what it looked like a week later:

And yes I do bathe, at least most days. Every day I tried using soap to get the stuff off but to no avail. I did finally manage to get most of it off, but it required picking with fingernails once it finally began peeling a little at the edges. And it's still not totally gone.

What do I gather from the experience? This stuff is sticky, and despite my persistently leaky waders I'm sure it works wonders when used correctly on waders that aren't way past their useful lifespan.

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  1. Well I'm glad you let the Aqualseal dry before you put your waders on or you'd still be wearing them. It's good stuff. I've only had to use it once for a major hole after a fall. I've never had a problem with leaking on the patch.