Monday, March 19, 2012


So I've gone back to tying flies this past week. I haven't really sat the at the tying desk for quite some time other than a few instances to tie up some steelhead monstrosities.  And then only because I had donated most of my supply to the riverbed.  But the air is again beginning to whisper about good times in Montana.  Fish to be caught, sun rays to soak up (weather permitting), good company to be had, and all that good stuff.  That air has blown me back to my fly tying desk.  Not because I'm in desperate need of flies for a looming trip, but because I'm excited about a somewhat distant trip and tying up some flies is one fun way to release that excited anxiety.

The problem, however, that tying flies has created is that my new creations don't fit in my dry fly box.  You would think that means I'm well stocked, but you would be wrong.  My dry box is pretty small and there are a lot of bugs in the world that trout eat.  Sure, eight and a half times out of ten I have what I need.  But those last one and a half times of ten are monumentally frustrating.  Those are the times where there are fish surfacing all around me, eating fly after fly in the darkening half-light of the encroaching dusk but refusing my offering time and time and time and time and time again.  That's what I'd like to be prepared to avoid.

This brings me to a dilemma.  I have way too many dry flies to fit in my fly box, but the whole point is to have all these patterns on hand.  

There are two possible solutions.  One would be to spend countless days on the water and drastically improve my angling skills to the point where I only require a couple patterns.  The other would simply require I acquire a new and larger fly box.  One of those is easy and one is hard.  Can you tell which path I intend to follow?

My birthday is coming up.

Hint hint.

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  1. Hey Tim its not a shouldn't be a matter of a bigger box. It should be what backpack to get so you can carry all your fly boxes. 9 boxes here and I haven't started stocking up for this year.

    You can never have to many flies.