Sunday, January 15, 2012


Here I sit, inside, on an optimal steelhead fishing weekend in Oregon in January. Why in the world am I not out making the most of it?  I had intended to get out last weekend.  And when packing up my stuff Friday evening I came to the realization that it is now 2012.  What does that mean?  It means my 2011 fishing license and tag are no longer valid.  As a famous politician once said, Oops.

Getting a new license and tag should be as easy as going online and printing them out (although I don't think you can print out tags).  But I actually need to get my Oregon driver's license to get an in state fishing license.  I put off doing this all of last year because I was worried that getting a new license would invalidate last years CO and OR licenses.  In summary, I guess I was just delinquent and totally forgot I would need a new fishing license.

So, here I sit in limbo during optimal steelheading time in Oregon.  Don't worry too much about me, though.  I'm going to remedy the driver's license thing this week and then get the new fishing license and tag just in time to go away on work travel for two weeks.  I just hope the fish are still around when I get back.

At least it's just Purgatorio and not Inferno.

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  1. First thing I used to do after Jan. 1 was to renew my license...then they changed the rules. I think I have to renew by April, but I'm not sure.