Monday, December 1, 2014

Calming Quiet

Wow, it's been quiet here, hasn't it? I've been fishing some, although not a lot since winter has begun. The steelhead/salmon bug continues to not bite me but there are a few vibrations coming in from a couple specific avenues. That may change soon, or maybe not. We'll have to see.

I did get in some good carp fishing over the summer that I didn't bother posting. Lack of good pics is not good fodder for motivation to write a post, hence the silence here.

More recently there was a brief and mediocre at best saltwater outing. I'll post something on that in the coming days when the pics are looked through and edited. Severe photoshop will be required to add/enlarge fish in the pics.

In the meantime, happy cyber monday shopping.  Back to Amazon!  I mean back to work!!


  1. I plan on spending more time on your blog so throw up whatever you want and I will be satisfied. In the meantime, Happy Holidays................................